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Why choose an electric fireplace for your home?

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  •  For a long time, people have used woodburning fireplaces. As we all know, it requires a series of projects to implement, the construction of smoke haze, and the emission of smoke. However, its benefits are also obvious. Bring warmth to the home, and the buzzing sound of burning. In the cold winter, it is not only to keep the family warm, but also to have a deep and deep childhood memory and growth memory. One by one, it looks like the good old days.     

 Linear Electric Fireplaces May Replace Older Existing Fireplaces

  • However, a wood-burning fireplace comes with additional expenses and a few inconveniences. First of all, you’ll need to construct a chimney to get rid of the smoke, and with that comes maintenance costs for cleaning regularly and annual inspections to ensure its safety.
  • Other cons of a wood-burning fireplace include:
  • Safety concerns regarding embers that may re-ignite and cause a fire.
  • Costs of buying and chopping your own firewood, storing it, and keeping it dry until ready for use.
  • Cleaning the soot and ashes from the burned wood.


    • And now, people have discovered electric fireplaces that use cleaner electricity without producing any smoke, air, or mist after-combustion products. There is also no need for a chimney. The old-style fireplaces in the past can be directly replaced with electronic fireplaces after a simple transformation.


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     ZopaFlame Electric fireplace is the most versatile, energy-efficient, and cost-effective.
    • They are easy to install because they don’t require vents and can be positioned anywhere in the home and controlled much like a gas fireplace.
    • They are also safer – especially if young children and/or pets are around. 
    • For traditionalists, however, an electric fireplace is not realistic enough and just doesn’t give that aura of warmth and spark. In addition, it also doesn’t give off much heat.
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