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The most realistic electric fireplaces in 2023

Linear built-in 66-Inch electric fireplace

                                                (Linear 66-Inch Built-in Series)

    Electric fireplaces are safe, cozy, and stylish - a perfect addition to your residential and commercial space. Electric fireplaces allow you to enjoy the dazzling fire lights comfortably indoors without the dangers and sky-high prices of a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

    The Linear 68-Inch large size fireplace is an affordable electric fireplace with a realistic flame display and Heater features. If you are looking for realistic flames without making a significant investment, Zopaflame fireplaces could be the right choice. This model provides excellent heat capacity, energy efficiency, and multiple customization options.

Linear smart built-in 76-Inch electric fireplace

(Linear 76-Inch Built-in Series)

    Multi-mounting options, it can be wall-mounted, Built-in, flush mounted, and even built into a TV cabinet. There are also three styles: modern design based on crystals and traditional appearance based on pebbles logs, with amber fire glass as log combination, providing customers with choices.

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   Here are more benefits of choosing the ZopaFlame fireplace for your home:

  • Multi-installations: Wall mount, Built-in, Recessed in the wall.
  • 5 signature fire flames color effect.
  • Zone heating up to 400 Sq.Ft.
  • Lifelike fire flame with crackles and sparkles.
  • Three interchangeable media options: Pebbles,crystals, amber glass logs.
  • Remote control or through Smart App by phone to control the unit.
  • Free shipping and 2 year waranty.







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