EhFlame smart fireplace insert Series-Installing an electric fireplace into an existing fireplace

Can you put an electric fireplace insert into an old fireplace?

Fireplaces enhance your home with warmth and ambiance, but the safety concerns and hassles of traditional gas or wood-burning options may limit their use. Converting to an electric fireplace eliminates these downsides, providing a safe and viable alternative without compromising on the cozy atmosphere. 

In a neutral living room with a black fireplace surround, a converted fireplace stands as a testament to the benefits of this transition.

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Why opt for an electric fireplace over a wood-burning one? 

Traditional fireplaces pose safety risks, especially for new homeowners. Gas and wood-burning units require safety barriers, heatproof materials, and annual safety checks, making it crucial to know the fireplace's history. 

Physical exertion, like cutting and carrying wood, becomes a concern with wood-burning fireplaces, resulting in them often remaining unused. On the contrary, electric fireplaces are hassle-free, pet and child-friendly, cool to the touch, and require no physical exertion for maintenance. 

Electric fireplaces excel at zone heating, efficiently warming the rooms regularly used by the family instead of heating the entire house, where many rooms remain unoccupied for most of the day. 

These units can deliver 4600 -5000 BTUs per hour of heat, using a quiet fan to distribute the warmth generated by the insert into the room. Operating at approximately 3-4 cents an hour without the heat on and 7-12 cents with the heat turned on, electric fireplaces offer a cost-effective and convenient solution for a comfortable and cozy home.

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Transform your large living room with a stylish converted electric fireplace, replacing the traditional wood-burning setup.

 When considering which electric fireplace is best for conversions

 three types stand out: Plug-In Electric Fireplaces, built-in electric fireplacesand electric fireplace log inserts.

Plug-In Electric Fireplaces   

Plug-in electric fireplace inserts require only a standard home electrical outlet for operation. They are powered by a cable that can be easily plugged and unplugged from the wall, offering convenience in usage. To accommodate this type of fireplace, it's essential to have a plug socket near the existing fireplace location.

 The primary consideration for plug-in electric fireplaces is the clearance between the back of the insert and the back of the existing space. This makes them less suitable for tighter, in-wall installations. However, they stand out as an excellent choice for converting existing fireplaces due to their simplicity of installation and use.

 Plug-in fireplaces are ready for use straight out of the box; all you need to do is plug them in and switch them on. Additionally, their portability allows for easy relocation within your home.

 Built-In Electric Fireplaces     

In contrast, built-in fireplace inserts require hard-wiring into your home's electric system, offering a more permanent solution when installing a new electric fireplace. While hard-wiring is the typical requirement, many built-in fireplace models come with optional 'plug kits.' These kits enable you to plug the fireplace into a standard electrical socket, mimicking the convenience of a plug-in model.

 One notable advantage of built-in fireplaces is their zero-clearance feature. This means there's no need to leave a gap between the back of the fireplace unit and the existing fireplace, making them a superior option for those with limited space in their existing fireplace alcove

 Electric Fireplace Log Inserts 

Electric fireplace log inserts, featuring realistic logs and an electrical cord, offer a clean and easy conversion process. They eliminate fumes and wood fire smells, utilizing the existing fireplace structure. Remote-controlled and available in various sizes (18 to 45 inches), these inserts create a lifelike flame presentation.

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How to Convert a Wood-Burning Fireplace to Electric

you can typically install an electric fireplace insert into an old fireplace. Electric fireplace inserts are designed to fit into existing fireplaces, whether they were originally wood-burning or had another type of insert. The installation process is generally straightforward.

Here are the basic steps for installing an electric fireplace insert into an old fireplace:

Clean the Fireplace: Remove any debris, ashes, or leftover materials from the old fireplace to create a clean and suitable space for the electric insert.

Measure the Fireplace: Measure the dimensions of your fireplace to ensure that the electric fireplace insert you choose will fit properly.

Insert Placement: Slide the electric fireplace insert into the old fireplace, making sure it fits securely. Some inserts may require shims to level or secure them in place.

Plug into an Outlet: Most electric fireplace inserts come with a standard electrical plug. Plug the insert into a nearby electrical outlet. If necessary, you may need to use an extension cord to reach the outlet.

Adjust Settings: Depending on the model, you can adjust the heat settings, flame intensity, and other features using the controls provided. Some electric fireplaces also come with remote controls for convenience.

Safety Checks: Ensure that the electric fireplace insert is securely in place and that all safety features are functioning correctly. Electric fireplaces are often cool to the touch, making them safe for homes with children and pets.

Always refer to the specific installation instructions provided by the manufacturer of your electric fireplace insert, as details may vary depending on the model. Additionally, if you're unsure or uncomfortable with the installation process, it's advisable to seek professional assistance to ensure a safe and proper installation.

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Ready to convert your wood fireplace to electric?  Explore the available options and enhance your home's comfort and style.

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