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Zopaflame 6-Piece Log Set w/ Decor Media Kit

Zopaflame 6-Piece Log Set w/ Decor Media Kit

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Product Description:

  • Upgrade your Zopaflame Electric Fireplace with the Decor Media Kit for a captivating centerpiece.
  • Easily switch between hand-painted pebble stones for a personalized touch.
  • Revitalize the look of your fireplace with minimal effort.
  • Enhance your surroundings with a touch of modern sophistication.
  • Fits Zopaflame 55-58 inch electric fireplace.   

    Product Information

    • 6-Piece driftwood logset
    • 16-Piece of Natural Pebbles

    FAQs-About Products

    Q1: Does your online store have a physical presence in the US or Canada?

    A: Yes, we have warehouses in Seattle, USA and Vancouver, Canada. Worry-free after-sales service.

    Q2: Does the fireplace require buyers to spend a lot of time assembling it themselves?

    A: No. The whole unit has been tested and works well before packing. All the buyer needs to do is remove the front glass, place the decorations, and put the front glass back on. that's all.

    Q3: Is the product certified?

    A: Yes, ETL/CETL-certified featuring overheat protection for safety.

    Q4: Does this unit actually heat a room?

    A: An electric fireplace serves as a supplemental heating device. It is not a substitute for the main heating equipment system in the house. it provides a maximum of 5000 Btu of heat. zone heating 400 square feet.

    Q5: Do you offer free returns?

    A: All orders will have free shipping. Free returns are only in case of seller's fault or the fireplace product itself is defective. In other cases, the customer needs to bear the return fee.

    Q6: How do you do after-sales service?

    A: All fireplaces for sale come with a hassle-free 2-year warranty. If it is a problem with the whole machine, we will replace it for free; If a component is broken, we will mail a spare to the customer and arrange for a local technician to come and replace it.

    What is included?

    Model Log-DP5558
    Driftwood Log Set 6-Piece Driftwood Log Set  Various Shapes and Sizes
    Pebbles 16 Hand-Painted Various Shapes and Sizes
    Weight approx. 12Lbs / 5.4KG


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